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Jet provides the latest technology within an active trading floor to save you commission costs.

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While many choose to trade from home, here are four powerful reasons for trading with Jet:

Commission Costs:

As a trader your highest cost, trading alone at home, is the commissions you pay. This limits not only the profits you can make but the trades you can enter.

A significant advantage with trading at Jet Traders is the huge savings that can be made in the costs per roundtrip trade (roundtrip = an opened and closed trade). We provide ultra low commission rates, comparable to those received by an investment bank, that a standalone trader could never expect to receive.

As an example, an equity trader working from home, might easily execute well in excess of 240+ trades in a month. Paying a retail brokerage commission you would typically pay £16 (or more) a round-trip in addition to retail size spreads, so that your costs could add up to well over £3,800 per month.

Trading with Jet you will pay a fraction of this price per round-trip trade on equities and so your total monthly commissions will be greatly lowered, and a pound saved is a pound earned. Competitive transaction costs are a large part of ensuring you succeed when taking advantage of tiny movements in market pricing.


Clearly, working in a dynamic environment surrounded by other experienced traders is going to be beneficial to anyone serious about trading. Experienced traders can always give you tips and the atmosphere and buzz can help a lot with perpetuating that essential traders mindset. We are located in the heart of London, in Mayfair with easy access from anywhere in the city.


A commitment to full-time trading also requires a commitment to invest in the best hardware and software that is available. A trader needs every advantage in a fast moving market and with more traders competing against each other than ever before, you can't expect to be a competitive participant in today's electronic marketplace by using an outdated machine, unreliable software with inadequate screen space and a slow connection. As a result, the initial outlay costs associated with setting up a comfortable, reliable trading desk with access to the best hardware and tools can be very high. We provide high-spec hardware and software to our traders and can source additional requirements at lower costs through our wholesale providers.


We will provide live commentary of news and fundamental data. Additional backup comes in the form of computer technicians & IT support who make sure you don’t have system problems, and can fix them quickly if you do.

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